ISS Biosense
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ISS BioSense is a high-tech SME located in Naples, Italy. The company was born on the initiative of a group of scientists that decided to apply the expertise acquired in research institutions to biosensors design and development. For the development of its projects, ISS BioSense operates in synergy with national and international Research Institutions (including CNR), as well as with private enterprises. The main cultural and technological assets of ISS BioSense are its knowledge and expertise on the use and manipulation of molecules of biological origin to develop highly specific and sensitive sensors, as well as highly sensitive scientific instrumentation for research, clinical and industrial applications. Ongoing projects in this area are focused on the use of enzymes and apo-enzymes, natural and recombinant antibodies, odorant binding proteins and G protein–coupled (GPCR) receptors. ISS BioSense has in house expertise on the utilization of a variety of measurement techniques, particularly fluorescence based, to be exploited in the design and construction of sensing devices.