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LUMENSIA Sensors, S.L was created in 2013 with the aim of continuing R&D lines, accelerating the technological development and industrialising and commercialising the results achieved by DAS PHOTONICS S.L. (80% owner) on the bio-sensing field, resulting from its participation in several R&D projects from the European Commission (FP7 and H2020) and the European Defence Agency (EDA). When LUMENSIA was created, DAS Photonics transferred to the new company its whole know-how, personnel and fixed assets.

LUMENSIA aims to respond to a common necessity of different productive sectors: Accurate, fast, low-cost and simple Identification and Quantification of biological and chemical targets. The company has a special interest for Health, Food Industry, Environment and Security sectors, where global impact applications have been defined. For all these sectors, LUMENSIA offers a wide range of biosensors with the aim of covering certain lack of sensing applications.